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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Low Code?

Gartner defines low-code application platforms (LCAPs) as application platforms that are used to rapidly develop and run custom applications by abstracting and minimizing the use of programming languages.

Enterprise LCAPs are a subset of this market that target a wider range of developer personas — especially enterprise developers — and provide features essential for application delivery and maintenance in midsize and large organizations. These features include support for high performance, availability and scalability of applications, disaster recovery, security, API access to (and from) enterprise and third-party cloud services, usage monitoring, service-level agreements, and availability of technical support and training.

LCAPs are the foundation for a wide range of application types, application components and process automation.

Why Low Code is important to IT Leaders?
Low Code enables IT Leaders to
  • Shift employees from manual tasks to strategic thinking
  • Get to market faster and release more features per year
  • Create dynamic experiences that cost less